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The air conditioners , well-lit KV Paradip Port(kv paradip) Library was established in 1974. There are present 18323 books as per the accession register. Total no of periodical subscribed is 55. The library subscribe 8 news papers, Five in English, One in Hindi, two in Odia.

There is open access system for books. The library is fully automated, Which runs e-granthalaya version 3.0 software. There are as many as 35 educational CDs and 90 VCDs  are available for students. The libraries has hosted two book exhibition in its premises calling for publishers from outside.

The library host various activities through the readers club like book jacket making competition, book review competition, book mark making competition, literature quiz competition, story telling competition. The  staff members  also contribute book review on fortnight basis.


  • Provide an opportunities to find quality collection of books and multimedia.
  • Help for curricular and co-curricular needs of student and staffs.
  • Help to cultivate right interest, attitude and moral and intellectual values.
  • Inculcate reading habit among staff and students.
  • Providing right books at right time to the right reader.
  • Help for dissemination of information.
  • Keep up-to-date to the readers.
  • Recognise the interest and need of the students and fulfil it.
  • To give relevant information exhaustively.
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