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Library Rules



  • Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the library.
  • Students should enter the library in queue along with a pen and a note book.
  • Books will be issued/returned during the library period only.
  • Students can issue two books for one week and the staff can issue five books for one month.
  • Failure of return of books on due date lead to penalty of rRs.1/- per day.
  • Re-issue of books by a reader allowed maximum twice after first issue.
  • If the book is lost either it will be replaced or deposit three times the cost of the books in present market value.
  • Reference books & current periodicals will not be issued. These can be consulted only in the library premises.
  • If the book is misused, wrongly handled, it will be replaced or pay fine for it.
  • Don’t show any disruptive behavior like loud speaking, running, horseplay etc.
  • Bring your school I-card for issuing of books.
  • Text Books are only for teachers.
  • Read news paper only in Newspaper stand.